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Valerie Bruce-Smith 


"The best healing is nature, nurture and natural. However, sometimes your health or sense of well being becomes a struggle. While your Doctor remains your first point of call at all times, a healer has time to listen, time to care and may help you discover your own inner strength to find your path back to well-being.


Healers work with the vast energy of nature, It can be you given labels such as 'Reiki', 'Spiritual', 'Faith Healing', 'Crystal Healing', 'Colour' or 'Sound' etc - it is all about working with natural energy, frequency or 'vibration'. As healers we tune into this energy, you may know it as, 'God', 'Consciousness' the 'Universal Energy' or by many other names. To a healer it is all one and the same. We respect and encompass all beliefs that are of 'The Light'.

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RMDH, Dip. G.M., Dip. S.D.T.

Tutor with Duchy Healers

Member of British Society of Dowsers

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